Hello everyone, this blog post is just to say you “Merry Christmas!!!“….

…. …. Ehm ehm… No!! No!! Stop, please stop!!!

Sorry guys, Santa Claus hacked our account for his business, come back to ours.

In the last months, in addition to the bug fixing and small updates, we developed and added the Steam Workshop contents management. It’s an important step for us but, we think, it’s important for everyone will add custom contents like stages, cars, codriver voices or car skins.

Probably someone could ask “but modding is already available, why Steam Workshop is better?”.

The reply is quite easy and most of Steam customers already know it: Workshop has many advantages that simply we can’t ignore. These are the main Workshop features we like to highlight:

  • it helps mod creators to have a repository for their works
  • it has a smart upload system that avoid to upload, for every new mod release version, the full package
  • the mods are collected in one location and the filters help to find what user is looking for
  • the mod subscribers will always have the right version avoiding mismatching

So, our effort was to modify the file system used by the game in order to manage mods both in “gRally classical” mode and Workshop mode and we introduced a graphical tool to help modders uploading mods to the Workshop.


The tool is quite simple but we’ll add a page in our wiki with all the details. In short you’ll choose what kind of mod you’re publishing, the folder where this mod is running on your pc, the mod details (name, author, version and so on) and then you’re ready to publish on Workshop with the Steam logo button. You’ll find the tool in the Mods section of the main menu.

We hope that this tool will be helpful and we’re open to every feedback you’ll give us about it.

So, we have a game, an integrated workshop, what are we missing? A mod !!! Is there a better occasion to release a new stage than this? No !!

So here we are, we present you Ryggesbro.


First of all we want to say a big “Thank you!!!” to TheHolyMoose, the developer of a tool to create special stage in a procedural way. You can find every information on his website https://holymooses.com/PRL/index.php. He shared with us some stages to make our testing and one of them is Ryggesbro. He gave us 3d models of the stage and we built over shaders, textures, vegetation and some additional objects and stage modeling. Again, thank you, you really helped us to have a very good 3d base in a really quick way.

Now, come back to Ryggesbro. It is a full gravel stage with a good mix of slow and fast sectors. There are some special sectors we love cause they are good showcases of the rally driving experience : blind curves, full throttle and trust in your codriver :).


Looking at the image above you can clearly see one of the challenge of this stage: vegetation. Our tip is to pay attention cause not just trees could be a problem but also the high grass that could hides something “strong”.

As full gravel stage is our perfect developing playground for one of our next steps : surface usage. As shown in the previous post we’re developing it (actually in that post we referring to groove on tarmac but for other surfaces, the system should be something similar) and surely this stage will be the first that will support it.

We are eager to race on ruts!!!

Before closing this post we’d like to wish you a great Christmas holiday and all the best for the incoming new year… and check your Steam close 25th , should start a downloading :) !!!