:raised_hand: Hello everyone,
many months passed since the last dev blog post.

Unfortunately this time we’re not announcing something new about gRally like new features or contents.
In this occasion we want to clarify a bit the development status because more than one asked us what’s going on.

The short answer is “We’re on hold”.

If the short answer is not enough for you, here the extended one.
After the last update, with the release of the new stage Baitoni-Bondone, we had to face that real life could be tough.
About life difficulties we had many examples in the last 2 years and luckily, ours, are nothing compared to what humankind is now experiencing, it’s just about an easy and short word: TIME. :clock10:
Due to our personal tasks, the time available to develop new features, new contents and fix bugs become so small that, more or less, nothing new was possible to put on the develop path and, at the moment, it’s still like this.
Of course we have some features we’d like to develop and introduce but we must have the time to study, design and code them and now it’s quite impossible.

Another point that is putting a bit of uncertainty is that we’re near the moment where we have to consider which one of the new render pipelines, that Unity is developing, we’ll have to choose from.

The standard built-in render pipeline is near to the end of its lifecycle and Unity is pushing its workforce to substitute it.
It will be an important step and it will not be a painless transition. We’re aware about this and we’re monitoring how things are going on.
One day we’ll do the choice, hoping to have the most clear info as possible, but that day is not around the corner.
We have a rough idea which will be the right direction but just the real tests will help us to make the final choice.

We don’t want you read this as a justification, it’s just another element to evaluate for the development that we want to share with you.

We are aware that it’s not the best dev blog post to read and trust us, it’s not the best we’d like to write but we can’t do, at the moment, nothing to make the situation different.
We just know that this will change soon or later but we’re not in the position to do a forecast.

We hope that you’ll be sympathetic and we hope that the next dev blog post will be nicer than this one with good news.