Hello everyone

Are you are wondering the reason for this blog? Before reply about this I have to say that it’s not the first time I try (in vain) to have, but above all, to manage a space like this.

And so, what’s changed now?
The first answer is quite simple: gRally is now public on Steam early access. Before this it was difficult to show where development was going on and a blog with no news or something to show it’s quite sad :).
Now I’m ready to show what I’m planning to do and I’ll do my best to give you spoilers.

Second, the idea of this blog came to me thinking to the first months of gRally after the early-access release where we dedicated a lot of time solving problems (as much as possible) related to crashes, peripheral configurations and so on.
Due to this hotfixing phase, I felt that the perspective from an “all is working” user is that gRally has nothing new but this is not really true.

But I’m not giving you “why this blog”…
You’re right….
Well, I want to share with you the difficulties, the satisfaction, the moments of madness, the dreams I have and they are accompanying me in the nights dedicated to the development of gRally.

I hope you’ll enjoy what you’ll find here!