In recent years there have been many discussions about the starting order of the rallies, especially during the rally on the gravel/dirt surfaces, where starting in front was a major disadvantage, due to the fact that the road is ‘dirty’, while already after a few steps the the road is cleaned, the ruts start to form and the stage times start to lower.

Obviously this important aspect must be present in gRally: we started from the easy side: the rubberizing of the asphalt, this is less decisive than what happens on gravel/dirt roads, but it is not to be underestimated.

The management of the groove in gRally will be static, in the sense that, given the nature of the competition, will be set at the launch of the special (no need to be dynamic as it does not go over the same road in the same special stage) but there will be management of the ‘second passage’.

This is an example of clean road, the condition that you will see the driver who passes first: first

While this is what a driver see when starts from the rear: last

To do this the modder can paint the groove lines by hand using any asset (we suggest Vertex Painter) or I have implemented (and I’m optimizing this feature to be more fast and precise) the import from the replays: in this way the groove is drawn starting from the trajectory made by the car and how much slip there was in the various points: as you can see from the shots the result is not bad at all!!

Obviously more replays, maybe even made with different cars, you import, the better is the groove on the road!

Here is another sample with a less contrasted texture and a new method to make the groove more smooth! smooth

Good driving!