Near term

The Near term stuff are things that we’re working on or we plan to do shortly

Dynamic tyre models

This is a cool thing: with this feature the 3d tyre and texturizing is done automatically: the user will be able to choose a different rim, different rim color, different caliper color and the core do everything. Finally we’ll have a different tyre shape when we choose the tyre for the stage. There is also the opportunity to create a custom rim if the car needs it.

New Engine physics

With the latest gCarEditor release we started to code the Turbo and 4x4.. we’re working to make it ‘definitive’.

Mid term

The Mid term stuff are things that we’re plan to do but not immediately


We’re working on a completely new car, a modern design inspired (as usual) to a 70’s great rally car: this car will be 4wd with a turbo engine, to let the people to play with the new physicsengine.


In the pre-steam release we worked on the rain feature, but we preferred to release it when is 100% done, with the aquaplanning and different damp/wet zones.

Game server

We decided to improve the online side using Steam to manage the game servers, so each driver will be able to create and manage online rallies and championships.

Surface usage

gRally will manage the surface usage in 2 ways, graphics and physics: this will be useful for live rallies where the grip and the behaviour of the car into certain stage depends by the starting road position.

UI for VR

At the moment gRally is shipped with a working VR management, but the VR is basic. With this new step you can interact with the UI.


We’ll use FMOD to manage all the sounds in game, this will be a great step for the car modders, to create great audio behaviour especially for the car engine.

Long term

The Long term stuff are things that we wish do but we don’t know when

Live rally championship

The main goal of gRally is the online rallies and championships, to recreate the incredible fun of the WIRC rally championships on the past years: to complete this great milestone the way is long: we need more cars and stages and some live test rallies to make the server stuff unbreakable.

Rigged driver and codriver

At the moment the driver and the codriver are static and must be included in the car model.. Next step is make a rigged driver that is in the engine.


This section is to track all the stuff made linked with the build released

Build v1.1.6.27 of 24 dic 2021

  • Baitoni-Bondone : The stage where gRally runs its first kilometers. It’s entered now the refreshing mode due to the sim and graphic engine developments.

Build v1.1.0.0 of 21 May 2019

  • Controllers configuration : This is a tricky stuff: we’ve completely rewrote the input management to make gRally more versatile to every controller the user has; unfortunately this took us more time than expected: but we’re on the right way to fix definitively the controller issues.
    We encourage everyone to report controller bugs, it’s the only way for us to “test” the different hardware.
  • Unity 2018 : We want to be aligned with the Unity releases and this step should improve the framerate and the graphics.

Build v1.0.17.13 of 21 Feb 2019

  • Dynamic tyre choice : now changes dinamically the tyre 3d model if you use the GRIP tyre for tarmac or FOREST tyre for gravel surfaces.

Build v1.0.16.18 of 24 Dec 2018

  • Ryggesbro : A new gravel stage set in a swedish forest :evergreen_tree: built with the help of Moose procedural stage creator.

  • Steam Workshop : After this, you’re able to publish your mods directly with Steam using gModsCreator In addition to the classic mods like cars, stages and codrivers, we’ll add also a livery mods section to share your creations!